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Digital Phone Service Utilizing Voice over IP Technology

Veraport Services

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Included Features at No Extra Charge

  • Free, Full Auto-Attendant - Answers your calls and gives your caller transfer options.
  • Music-on-hold - Use your own MP3 or WAV music for your callers on-hold
  • Unified Messaging - Forwards voice-mail and faxes (as PDFs) to your email account.
  • Online Account Management with complete Call Detail Reports
  • Port Your Existing Phone Number
  • Voice Mail
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Call Forwarding
  • Find Me/Follow Me with simultaneous ring on any other phone.
  • Last Call Dialing
  • Enhanced 911 Emergency Service Calling - Frequent updates to Public Safety Access Points
  • 411 Information Services
  • 3-way calling
  • Unlimited Calling in US & Canada (except budget plan)
  • Great International Rates
  • Huge inventory of US DIDs (Phone Numbers) to choose from.

Residential Options

  • Residential service with 1 phone number at $23.95 per month. Unlimited calling in US and Canada.
  • Residential service with 2 phone numbers, $43.95 per month. Unlimited calling in US and Canada

Small Business Options


  • Business service with 1 phone number at $29.95. Unlimited calling in US and Canada.
  • Business service with 2 phone numbers at $49.95. Unlimited calling in US and Canada.
  • AsterSwitch Value - $142/month, includes 5,000 minutes, then 2.8 each.
  • Toll-Free calling at $4 per month plus 4 cents per minute
  • PBX Connect Products package phone numbers and minutes to fit specific needs of a business with a traditional PBX or with an IP PBX. Call for information and pricing.

Analog Telephone Adapters and IP Phones

  • Grandstream GXP-2000 IP Phone - Enterprise phone supports 4 registrations, 11 simultaneous calls,
  • Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) - $110
  • Grandstream 386 . 2 FXS ports for two phones of service- $65
  • Grandstream 486 . Router, 1 FXS port and a PSTN pass-through allows 1 phone to connect to IP network and to old standard Public Switched Tel Network - $75
  • Grandstream 496 . Router with FXS ports for 2 phones - $75
  • Grandstream GXV-3000 Video Phone $300 Open standard H264 to work with other brands of video phones.
  • GrandStream GXW-4108 Connect up to 8 lines on your existing PBX/Key Phone System - $499. No need to replace old phones to use VoIP.
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